Myddelton College

Myddelton College is a top Independent Boarding and Day School in the UK, established on a 37½ acre campus. The college takes its name from the renowned Myddelton family who, dating back to the 15th Century, were eminent figures in the history of Denbighshire and Wales, having been Members of Parliament for the local area as well as contributing to wider society across the United Kingdom.

Myddelton is located on the outskirts of the historic market town of Denbigh, situated at the foot of the 13th Century fortress of Denbigh Castle which dates back to 1859 and contains the perfect blend of historic architecture with modern facilities. The school is surrounded by a rich history as well as plenty of amenities and the spectacular Welsh countryside. It is easily accessible by road, rail and close to major airports.

Myddelton College has high academic expectations for the students. The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students thrive in the 21st Century, using new technology and digital learning. The College is committed to giving students a diverse range of experiences in which they develop personally and socially. At Myddelton College, every student is encouraged to fulfil their goals and aspirations in preparation for the next stage of their journey, whether that be academically, sporting or in the performing arts. The curriculum model is based on a two-week timetable, in which each lesson lasts 55 minutes. The students are taught in small, mixed ability classes, where students benefit from a highly personalized education.

The College also offers Adventure Education program which is tailored to each individual. Students in Years 3 to 9 have one whole Adventure Education Day every other week, while Year 10 and above have at least one day per half term. Activities include mountain walking, navigation skills, bushcraft, climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, raft-building, and sailing as well as various team challenges. The higher years concentrate on stress management, resilience, and future goal setting, all of which are important skills to learn in preparation for exams and life after school.

Myddelton Students are encouraged to start thinking about their future from an early age. The College encourages students to thrive in all areas of their academic lives, both at school and beyond. It also actively inspires and motivates students to participate in extracurricular activities as well as passion projects. We care about your child’s future and success!

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