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The tuition fees are quite different depending on the chosen program and destination. All the information is available here.
If You still have no score from any of above-mentioned exams, you are not required to take them since some of our partner institutions do accept applications with Duolingo online test with the score of at least 90. Alongside, there are some universities which requires TOEFL/IELTS score.
Regardless the embassy /US, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe/ we are not able to give any guarantee of Your visa approval. We do provide all the visa support in a professional way, but the decision is always made by the consul.
The programs are quite different. We are recruiting international students to elementary/ middle and high schools, IB/AP programs, university degrees - bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, associate degrees which are available mainly in case of college recruitment, as well as foundation programs.
For detailed information click.……. The prices are mentioned separately for each program.
The amount of the refundable payment will be based on the signed agreement behalf You and Master Plus International.
We do have numerous accommodation partners worldwide, who have various of options for international students. Universities have either dormitory or residences. If institutions are absent of such living opportunities, the universities will provide their own accommodation options as well - not far away from that university.
The duration of admission process depends on the chosen program. You should apply from 2 up to 8 months prior your desired month of study.
We recruit our international students to boarding elementary, middle and high schools in the US, which provides both on campus housing and food. No extra payment is required for the students’ housing.
The scholarships and financial aids are provided by our partner institutions starting from 10% up to 70% depending on the chosen institution and the knowledge the applicants do have. The percentage of the scholarship is mainly based on the applicants’ strong academic skills and features.

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