You can make a part of strong foundation for someone's future...

Give a student a strong foundation for their future…

Many people know that scholarships are a huge part of paying for higher education, but not many take the step to give. Our mission is to help smart and motivated students get a qualified education overseas, but many cannot afford all the expenses that come along with this goal.

Your donation is a meaningful way to provide direct financial aid for students to assist them with costs such as fees, books, supplies, room/board and tuition.

We accept donations via Global Student Fund, Inc. which a US-based  nonprofit organization. Your gift will be used as matching funds for scholarships already received by students who have been accepted to educational institutions through Master Plus, but who cannot afford their expected family contribution. By investing in these students now, you are planting seeds that we will reap in the future. Every dollar you give makes a difference when you donate to financial aid. 

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