Saint Denis International School

Saint Denis established in 1858, is a private school under contract to the French State, situated in the town of Loches. The school follows the French National Program leading to the French Baccalaureate for students in both General and Technical streams. Native and fluent English-speaking students can join the International Section (O.I.B). At Saint Denis International School students learn to critically analyze both American and English works of literature and see History-Geography topics from an American perspective sitting adapted English language exams in these subjects as part of the French Brevet and Baccalaureate. St Denis also has an extensive European Section for intermediate English level learners who study part of the History-Geography curriculum in English, and the remainder in French. 

The school strongly encourages its students to become autonomous learners and to participate in school life through giving them positions of responsibility in a variety of extra-curricular activities by organizing annual International Festival of Arts and Science, participating in regular exchange trips and attending Model European Parliament sessions around the continent. 

Being an international school, Saint Denis benefits from a wide cultural mix of both students and staff since they actively recruit from around the world. Their boarding houses are home to more than 400 students during the week from Monday to Friday during the academic year. During the weekends, international students stay with carefully chosen host families. The French families provide meals and transportation for students, but more importantly help them learn French, appreciate French culture and welcome them into their family. 

The school offers 2 fully equipped boarding houses separated for girls and boys. The boy’s boarding house is located on the same campus as the middle and high school in the town of Loches. The girl’s boarding house is a 5-minute bus ride from the main school campus and is located in the countryside. 

Students can board at the school beginning in 6th grade/Year 7.  The boarding houses offer evening study periods, special activities such as sports, birthday parties, artistic activities, etc., so that students can feel themselves at home. 

Do not miss the opportunity to study at Saint Denis International School. The school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. Each young person has an undiscovered potential and the goal of Saint Denis School as educators is to help guide them to success with respect to Christian values.

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