Tips to Making Friends When Studying Abroad

If you’re excited about spending some time abroad in a school program it’s very likely that you’re also excited about the prospect of making some new friends during the process. A program abroad is not the same for everybody and there’s always a chance that going overseas isn’t going to change your perspective if you don’t put yourself out there. If you’re going to grow your friendships while you’re overseas, here are some of the best ways that you can make new friends while you’re studying abroad. 

Start by Introducing Yourself

In order to meet people, sometimes you have got to make the first move. Make yourself approachable and consider speaking to other people with an open and genuine smile. Asking people how they are and making yourself available to your classmates can be a great way to improve your social reach. 

Join Activities and Clubs

Almost any study abroad program will have dinners, clubs, and activities that you can take part in. Join some organized experiences like photography lessons, tours, and more. These can be excellent opportunities to meet other people as you are studying abroad. 

Try a New Sport

When you’re studying abroad it’s likely that there’s going to be new traditions, new sports and interesting activities that you can try out. Trying these different sports and cultural activities can be a great way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and also discover new ways to connect with people. 

Organize a Study Group

One of the best ways that you can meet all of the international students and get to know some of your classmates is by organizing a study group. A study group can be highly beneficial for everybody to boost their grades and to get to know one another in the program. Meeting our regular weekly basis can be a fantastic way to meet everyone and to help each other learn. 

Ask People About Their Hobbies

It’s not always going to be easy to find out what’s popular in the area where you study. Sometimes asking people about their experiences and their hobbies can be an excellent way that you could try something new or connect with somebody based on some of their own interests. 

Staying in Touch

Studying abroad can be tough on your friendships back home. With so many new forms of modern communication from video chat to organized WhatsApp groups and more, you can stay in touch with some of your other friends and bring them into your experiences. Keeping in touch with your friends from home is an excellent way to stay social and to feel better about your experiences while you are abroad. 

If you are interested in staying social and enjoying more friendships while you are abroad, keep some of these top ideas in mind. By connecting with other people and getting out to make these connections, you can be more successful in building new relationships throughout your program. 


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