Job Placement, Internships, Volunteering

Internships, Volunteering & Job Placement

These days, it’s possible to find both internships and full-time job opportunities in a country where you’ve always dreamed of living and working. Both paid and unpaid internships are available to give you the opportunity to develop your skills, but work rules vary widely by country and corporation. If you cannot work in your chosen country, volunteering is another option. Volunteering is not paid work, but it will give you a chance to be integrated in a new environment, get acquainted with a new culture, and – of course – make new friends. Finally, job placement is possible in most countries. Many schools and universities maintain an office of career and placement services to assist students in finding full-time employment.

Exploring your career paths will open doors to new life and new you

Perfect experience for further career
Various international opportunities
Getting acquainted with multinational friends

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